{taking a stab at it}

Since leaving the world of full-time teacher (aka mommy to 25+ kiddos at a time) and entering the world of full-time mommy to the cutest little guy on the planet, I’ve developed a few new…let’s call them habits.  I’ll get into more details over the next few weeks as I slowly begin to share these habits, but the one I wanted to start with today is my new found love of reading blogs.  I look forward everyday to seeing what John, Sherry, sweet baby Clara, and Burger (their photo-bombing pup) are up to over at Young House Love.  And don’t even get me started on the queen of sass herself, the Pioneer Woman!  She’s got such a fun way of writing and delicious recipes.  Those two are definitely my top fav blogs to read everyday.  A few others include: Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour (fun name, right?), Two Twenty One, Centsational Girl, and a blog belonging to a long-lost friend from college Vanessa Schrotenboer, who also happens to be a fabulous photographer!

Yes, I love reading these blogs so much that I’ve decided to take a stab at it myself.  I like to think of myself as a good writer.  It’s definitely something that I used to enjoy very much.  I figure that if I can sit around and read blogs for a few minutes here and there during my day, then I most definitely can start to get my words out there as well.  I don’t necessarily know where this blog will go, but I do know that I have tons of ideas swimming in my head.

I stumbled across one such idea from Nicole over at Moments that Define Life.  She just started a new series that you can actually link up to called Listable Life.  With all good intentions, she purchased this and intended to start to record her life in lists.  I can strongly relate because I’m such a list maker.  I feel naked if I even park in the Kroger parking lot without some sort of a list going, and don’t even get me started on Target.  If I so much as even look at that store without a list that I always, sometimes, who am I kidding–never stick to, I walk out of there $100 later when I really only needed a bag of cotton balls.  Where was I going with this?  Thinking of Target made me lose track…ah yes…

I thought it would be fun to introduce myself and a little bit of my life through lists.  It’s a lot better than a little “Hello my name is” boring-ness.  So, without further ado…My Top Five Favorite TV shows of ALL TIME!

{#5 Last Man Standing} I feel like I’m already cheating on my list since this show is only its first season and only has just a few episodes until its belt.  I was a huge Home Improvement fan and have three letters for you my friends…J-T-T!  Come on, you know you loved him!  Sadly, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not on this Tim Allen show, but his three TV daughters are definitely a lot funnier than those quirky, yet loveable boys.  I know this list says favorite tv shows of ALL TIME, but I have a feeling it definitely will be!

{#4 Modern Family}  Oh Phil Dunphy, I love watching your awkwardness every Wednesday night.  And Gloria, your accent makes me laugh out loud at least twice an episode.  I love the family dynamic of this show and how witty the kids are–all the kids.  I have never seen an episode of this show that I didn’t love.  Here is a clip from one of my favorites highlighting the complete non-dramatic Cam:

{#3 Lost} I didn’t watch this show until after it went off the air, and my husband and I decided to give up traditional cable tv (the bill was getting a bit outrageous).  For about a year now we have been subscribers to Hulu Plus.  It’s so easy and super cheap at $7.99 a month compared to $100+ for cable.  There really is no comparison there.  Well, on good old Hulu Plus some TV shows have all of their seasons and episodes just sitting there waiting for you.  We decided to start watching Lost and finished the entire series in just a few months.  I’m glad we watched it this way because I really don’t think I would have been able to wait each week for a new episode over a seven-year time period.  I like it because it made me think–A LOT!

{#2 Dawson’s Creek} I was and forever will be a proud member of team Pacey and Joey.  I like to think that they are living a sweet little TV life, still on the creek, in a beautiful little house that always has the windows 0pen and cute little Paceys and Joeys running around barefooted (sorry Tom Cruise).  I watched this show every week, own all the seasons on DVD, and secretly only started watching Fringe because Pacey is on the show.  And no, his name is not Joshua Jackson, it’s Pacey.  Period.

{#1 Friends} If I had to watch one show for the rest of my life, it would be Friends.  I truly feel like I know every line from every single episode.  Let’s watch some bloopers, shall we?!

Well, that’s it!  Hopefully my taste in TV gives you a little glimpse into my life.  After looking through all those clips I’m the mood to watch the Lion King and eat a fancy trifle (minus the beef), how about you?  What would your list include?

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3 Responses to {taking a stab at it}

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hey love? Welcome to the blog world!! 🙂 thanks for linking up to me. I was like, who is this. Then I read your about me page. Hope you are doing well!!

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