{Say AHHH!}

While sipping my morning coffee, (Folgers with some caramel creamer, yum!), I stumbled across a fun contest to enter on Facebook.  If you haven’t “liked” I Heart Faces yet, it’s a must!  They give you awesome tips and ideas, not to mention have some super cool contests every week!  Check out this weeks contest here!  The theme is “Oh So Silly” and all of the pictures that have been entered so far are super cute!  This is my first time entering, and I’m excited just to read the comments from fellow entries.  Good luck everyone and happy Monday!

Photo Challenge Submission

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6 Responses to {Say AHHH!}

  1. Such a cute shot! 🙂

  2. Kat London says:

    How amazing to have captured this!

  3. Ariana Leach says:

    This look is priceless! Something you can cherish forever 🙂

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