{w is for wreath}

After Christmas I get a little sad to take my beloved decorations down each year since I look forward to putting them for so long.  My front door seemed especially bare after removing the beautiful evergreen wreath, so I turned to Pinterest of course for some door-bling inspiration.  I found several wreaths that I really loved, but decided to make one that had a big H on it for our last name.  Well, I made my little wreath several weeks ago and liked it so much that I decided to make a similar one for my mother in law as a birthday gift.  To make my initial grapevine wreath you’ll need:

  • grapevine wreath (size and shape of your choosing)
  • floral wire (I found a fabric covered brown variety that worked really well)
  • a wooden letter (you choose)
  • spray paint
  • coordinating flower stems (I like to use between 6 and 8)

I purchased all items at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and of course used my 40% off coupons at both stores.  If you ever buy anything in those stores at regular price, you’ve just wasted money my friends!

Before I started to arrange the flower stems in my wreath, I took my letter H and some yellow spray paint out back to give it a few even coats.  I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint in Meringue.  It’s a satin finish by the way.

While H did her drying (yes she’s a girl) outside, I began to arrange some flowers inside (it’s cold out there today)!

Once the flowers were positioned where I wanted them, I simply turned the wreath over and began attaching the stems to a branch or two of the wreath.  Things aren’t completely permanent, but they should be wound tightly enough so you don’t have flowers blowing down the street on a windy day!  Plus, you can change out your wreath decor according to the holiday or theme you’re going for!

Here are some finished pictures of my mother in law’s new wreath (I hope she likes it)!

And here is a shot of the first wreath I made for our house!

I have plans to bring in some Easter themed items with our wreath in the next few weeks.  I’ll do a blog post again once I do!  Do you have any fun wreaths that you’ve made since the holidays?  I’d love to see some new ideas!

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