{beer bottle decor}

Before I lose you, I’m not talking about displaying all the beer you’ve ever had on top of your kitchen cabinets like so many of my friends did in college.  Although it might have been considered really cool back then, times have changed.  We’ve traded in our beer bottles for baby bottles most days, but occasionally have some time to enjoy a few with good neighbors and friends!  Recently, my brother had some beer that came in bottles that were kind of short and stubby.  I thought they were really cute (he thought I was weird, but obliged my request by drinking a few so I could have some bottles).

I’ve been inspired by quite a few wrapped bottles on Pinterest like this one.

So, to make my own jute twine wrapped bottles, I needed the following supplies…

  • empty bottles (beer, wine, spaghetti sauce, pickles…possibilities are endless)
  • jute twine (purchased at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon-$3.20 for 135 feet)
  • hot glue gun and glue refills (already owned, but when purchased used a 40% off coupon too)
  • a flower stem (had one on hand leftover from my wreath project)

So overall, this project cost me $3.20!  That’s my kind of project!

Basically I started at the bottom of each bottle and tightly wrapped the jute twine around the bottle.  I put a skinny line of hot glue to secure the jute twine down.  I used a mini glue gun on this project (still haven’t found my larger one after our move last summer) and probably used about 4 sticks on each bottle.  That may sound like a lot of glue, but they are small sticks, and I have a huge pack of them, so I didn’t mind.  You could probably just secure the jute twine with a small dot of glue every so often if your glue supply is low.

Pretty soon I had three cute little wrapped bottles.  To add some color to them, I cut a green floral stem that I had leftover from my wreath project and gave them all a new home on our kitchen table.

I’d really like to find or make a super inexpensive table runner to go underneath the bottles.  I need to be careful about the length though; little man is pulling up on everything.  I have images of babies and bottles crashing to the floor.

Oh, and I have a ton of jute twine left over.  All of a sudden I have an urge to wrap everything I own in jute twine.  It may become an addiction!  To brighten up our kitchen I’ve already done this…

and this…

I simply tied a jute twine bow around two cylinder vases and added some bright floral stems (all 50% off at Michael’s).  I used some of our wine cork collection as a vase filler in one of them, and some polished stone in the other.  I had everything but the flowers on hand already, so that little project cost only $4.55!

I love how the bottles turned out, and when my kitchen table doesn’t have baby supplies, coupons, and papers all over it, the table now looks like this…

Have you done any projects lately that cost next to nothing?  Do you have an obsession with wrapping items around your house in jute twine?  I’d love to hear your ideas; please share!

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6 Responses to {beer bottle decor}

  1. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    That is SO COOL! I am definitely going to try that! I already use wine-bottles as candle-holders, so beer bottles as vases is the next step!

  2. Lani says:

    SO simple and So cute! Totally fresh for spring! Using it on my table tonight…after I down a few beers to get the bottles! Ha!

  3. six sisters says:

    I like these jars. Nice! We are so glad that you linked up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Hope you’ll be back next week! -The Sisters

  4. Eeek! I LOVE how it turned out, such a lovely natural feeling it gives to the table!

    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing!


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