{gerber baby}

Last week I was inspired by this…


…to make this…

It tasted DELICIOUS!  (At least I thought it was)  All the recipe called for was half of a banana and two tablespoons of blueberries.  How easy (and healthy) is that?!

 I gave one bite to Jackson and knew it was a fail.  He hated it.  I couldn’t get him to eat any of it.  He LOVES Gerber bananas and he’s had a few mixed fruit blends that have blueberries in them, but hated the version that mama made.  I think for now, we’re sticking with Gerber!

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2 Responses to {gerber baby}

  1. Meghan says:

    Haha! All that work and excitement for him to hate it?! Isn’t that how all things go though? You want them to nap, and they’re wide awake. You want them to eat and they want nothing to do with it. They always do/want the opposite of what we want them to! haha.

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