{About Me}

Hi there!  I’m Meredith!

I’m a brand new stay at home mom to my adorable baby boy, Jackson and wife to my former military (here’s a hint-Semper Fi), all American husband, Shane.  My son is already very patriotic as well since he was born just shy of our nation’s independence day on July 3, 2011!  Needless to say, we’re a red, white, and blue kinda bunch.

Since leaving the world of full-time teacher and entering the world of full-time mommy, I’ve developed some new loves.  Number one on that love list is my little man of course!

Coming in at number two would have to be reading and keeping up with some really cool blogs about any and everything really (I’m kind of a random girl that way).  And finally, number three is the latest craze…come on, you know you love it too…Pinterest my friends!  If you are not a member, I highly suggest that you fix that ASAP!

I’ve been inspired by all of my new loves to start my own blog where I share a little bit of my own life, my likes and dislikes, cool crafty and DIY projects that I attempt, and delicious new recipes that I enjoy trying out.  I can’t promise that the outcome will always be perfect, but that’s how you learn, right?!

Now, why {Wait Til Your Father Gets Home} you ask?  Well, that’s how Jackson and I feel everyday!  We can’t wait until daddy gets home to hang out with us (and I imagine that I might, on some occasions, when my little guy is much, much older utter that phrase a time or two in a different context and tone).  We’ll just have to wait and see!


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